Bringing 21st Century Tech To An 18th Century Paradigm

    The lack of a systemic architecture, or the ad-hoc site-specific architectures of the status quo are not compatible with systemic data collection, analysis and robotic assist technologies. Companies built on these antiquated methodologies will therefore be increasingly uncompetitive as growing economies of scale drive the upward curve of innovation in myco-cultivation infrastructure.
    Myco Systemics Corporation was founded to bridge the gap from past to future for industrial scale mushroom cultivators and to provide a pathway to success for entry-level cultivators as well. Our mission is to provide systemic scalable myco-cultivation infrastructure to enable producers to meet the demands of the exploding global mushroom market.


    The 4 primary factors impacting profitability for mushroom cultivators today

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      Excessive Labor Costs

      The current paradigm in mushroom cultivation is excessively labor intensive with up to 60% of the gross revenues consumed by labor costs. Our MycoSystem infrastructure solutions can reduce labor costs by up to 90% in the cultivation cycle.

    • Lack of Contamination Containments

      In conventional mushroom cultivation methodologies a small contamination in one area can rapidly spread and contaminate an entire crop. Contamination is inevitable and failure to adequately contain contamination results in significant losses.

    • Inconsistencies in Quality of Yield

      The inconsistencies in quality of yield results in a high ratio of sub-marketable product, resulting in millions of pounds of mushrooms being discarded at a significant loss to cultivators and the entire supply chain as it reaches the consumer.

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      Unpredictability in Quantity of Yield

      The unpredictability of quantity of yield greatly diminishes a company's ability to accurately scale to meet consumer demand. This lack of agility leads to periods of under and overstocking with its attendant impact on the bottom line.


    Current Estimated Myco Market 


    2024 Projected Myco Market 


    Compound Annual Growth Rate

    Our technologies provide game-changing benefits for large scale myco-cultivation

    Precise Environment Control

    The MycoSystem intelligent parametric micro-climate controller establishes and maintains optimum strain specific cultivation climates.


    Superior Contamination Containment

    The modular architecture of all MycoSystem technologies provide inherent insulation from contaminants and inhibition of contaminant spread. 

    Significant Savings in Cultivation Labor  

    The MycoSystem cartridge-based set-it and forget-it methodology eliminates the primary consumer of labor in mushroom cultivation.

    Requires Minimal Monitoring

    Integral sensors within each MycoSystem allows for remote monitoring & eliminates the need for hands-on supervision during cycles.

    Modular Systemic Architecture

    MycoSystems can be rapidly upscaled or down-scaled and easily partitioned for maximum agility in meeting consumer demands.


    4X Greater Yield 

    Optimum conditions combined with our compact design can result in up to 4x greater yield in the same space over conventional methods.

    Automation, Robotics & Integral AI 

    Recent advances in robotics and AI will serve as force multipliers as economies of scale mandate ever increasing competitive advantages.

    Tracking & AnalysisBlockchain Datastore

    The future of myco-cultivation will be built upon the analysis and use of secure data from previous harvest cycles to refine cultivation efficiency.

    Our Team


    Gary Costner

    Chief Executive Officer


    Patent holder of advanced supercomputer architectures. Developer of biologic intuition synthesis algorithms in conjunction with the DARPA Polymorphic Computing Architecture Project.


    Chris Grace

    Chief Science Officer


    Established new species at San Francisco State University, where he focused on mycological research, cultivation, DNA sequencing and molecular phylo-genetics.


    William Goss

    Chief Technology Officer


    Head mycologist for DecrimCA. Managed grow operations for 3 years at Monterey Mushrooms, the largest organic mushroom farm in North America, producing 450,000 lbs of mushrooms per week.


    Priscilla Agoncillo

    Chief Strategic Officer


    Ms. Agoncillo is President of the Cannabinoid Industry Association CBDIA, Chief Business Officer & Board Member- Mandara Pharma Inc., Serial Cannabis & Psychedelic Entrepreneur & Advocate since 2002.


    Samantha Glover

    Chief Information Officer


    A mathematician and information strategist who has worked with major brands like Wal-Mart to develop models and algorithms that optimize and scale marketing and business infrastructure.


    Cherylynn Costner

    Creative Development
    Media Coordinator


    Mrs. Costner is skilled in content development with extensive experience in product design and targeted media production.


    Simeon Schnapper

    Business Intelligence


    Mr. Schnapper is a seasoned investor and business development strategist advising several early stage companies. Currently a managing partner of JLS Fund, a NY based firm.


    Shon Ephrem Teneh

    Chief Applications Engineer


    Ephrem is a Master-formulator of super foods and myco-nutrient blends. He is a prolific practitioner of the healing arts and holistic modalities as well as an effective evangelist for MycoPlex technologies.


    Robert Rebelo

    Chief Marketing Officer


    Serial entrepreneur and founder of NICH Marketing, a hybrid agency that is developing automated workflows and consumer journeys for brands and startups in a unique position for rapid growth.

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